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Monday, June 18, 2012

Articles Showing Extreme Styles Suitable For Psyche Corp LARPS

If you know the fictional back story for Psyche Corporation, you will know that the Angelbot era (think battle hardened winged cyborg rulers & police) and especially the even more decadent era that followed their downfall, included a culture with such overwhelming levels of technology and power available that clothing styles became rather extreme.  In other words, if you want your dress to include a dolphin tank with live specimens swimming around you. the designers would make it happen.  A few transparent glass-steel panels here, and a few anti-grav units there and voila, a moving ocean aquarium that showed as much or as little details of the wearer's anatomy as desired, behind the fish of course.   Well, you won't find anything quite that extreme at this Goth festival in Germany, or the Romantic Vampyre type party the article is about, but the clothing styles and costuming are so outlandish and beautiful that I thought it would inspire costumers and LARPers to just take a look at what they brought forward!  You may get a few good ideas from these people's incredible designs that will help you design your own LARP attire.

A hearty thanks goes out to La Carmina, for this one!

For more extreme styles that might be interesting for Psyche Corporation LARPs here is another festival I find totally fascinating in terms of costuming alone!

Labrynth of Jared

Myth Masked Ball

For the Psyche corporation Larps, keep in mind that most people of the era were not  Angelbots, or more precisely, retired/mercenary Angelbots (since the war pretty much ended their reign depending on your timeline) but even angelbots, ar enow permitted to wear as elaborate or bizarre attire as they wish, and can even have their functional wings made retractable now that laws against such things have been repealed.  By the same token, elaborately dressed citizens can have functional or decorative wings attached to their anatomy in any fashion or combinations desired.

On the other hand, if you want to come as one the classic Angelbots, themselves...
For the Cannon - "Official" word on Angelbot lineages, see the following:

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