Yes, "The Shadow Court", from the future dystopian world of the Psyche Corporation is now real and has come into this plane of reality from the dream world of Psyche Chimere, the first Shadow Queen of Psyche Corporation. In her own immortal words:

"You’re correct in choosing this place

To petition for divine grace

You've always wanted too much

I can give you what you seek

But I’m no kindly sort of Queen, and

I demand to know what you would sacrifice to me?

Sacrifice to me!"

OK. Soooo what does that mean exactly? Well don't expect to be asked for a credit card number here. Instead, to become a member of the Shadow Court of Psyche Corporation you have give us something a bit more personal. Now don't run off so fast. It won't cost any fingers or toes, not generally anyway. A poem, a bit of fan fiction, a sketch of angelbots, a photo of yourself cosplaying a creature from the Psyche Corporation World. What is even more important is that you spread the word about Psyche Corporation' s wonderful music, fascinatingly bizarre lyrics, helping advertise "Scheduled Indoctrinations" (aka concerts and performance) and directly contribute to spreading the Empire of the Shadow Queen throughout this time-space continuum through internet traffic, awakening of the populace through physical medium such as flyers and sidewalk chalk messages, and especially through direct word of mouth communications!

For more information on joining this International Fan Club and levels of membership (which really do increase your access to staff, dancers, and band members) check out the static page post in the right margin labeled Shadow Court Nobles, Knights, and Gentry

Monday, April 30, 2012

Templecon 2012 Report and Photo Links

Great show at Templecon 2012! A LOT of photos ended up coming out of that performance, and while it looks like your photography needs are well covered, feel free to take a look through the TempleCon gallery up on my site if you'd like to see shots from your show there :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Last Exit For the Lost Radio Show

This is crazy, zany, silly, and fun!  It also includes our beloved Shadow Queen and some of her most favorite minions generally playing around, having a good time, giving "naked hugs", torturing one another, and sometimes playing most excellent music by bands like...well you know...Psyche Corporation!  The show is led by none other than her illustrious Videograopher, Mastering Sound Engineer, sometimes band manager, and long time friend Seriah Azkath.  The show is co-hosted by one of Psyche Corporation's premiere dancers, Arydaea, who I believe was also featured a few times in this episode of the show under the heading of Cult sacrifice.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Photos of Gen, Exit, Arydaea, and Akiri

We played a show in Belchertown, MA, and met Chris Addams who took some amazing photos of us after our show.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Chimera News

Psyche Chimera, the Shadow Queen, and her more recent incarnations as Shadow Queens (not to mention the lovely and talented and somewhat gentler alter ego) are being honored by their minions who have put together a new newsletter Chimera News.  It is intended to publish on a regular basis, but occasional Neo-Luddite uprisings and such sometimes interfere with the timeline and all so..... You know how it goes.  Just the same, the content includes all the most interesting posts from the Shadow Court, beautiful photos, and a listing of scheduled indoctrinations (sometimes referred to by the uninitiated as concerts or performances).

These indoctrinations in the ways and means of the Shadow Court will be listed as performances by Psyche Corporation.  Thus far only those human mortals on the East Coast area and Canada have been fortunate enough to hear the call strongly enough to schedule such "performances", but that is about to change.  Plans are in the works to bring Psyche corporation to Texas for New Years less than a year from the time of this writing (in linear time terms anyway) and our tendrils are even extending into the Steampunk and performance art community on the West Coast as well, so we will just have to wait and see where that leads.

As a sincere devotee of this Goddess of the beauty of all that is strange and wonderful, I humbly extend my personal thanks and appreciation to Harlequin ( aka CharlieQuinn) for this wonderful contribution to the cause.

If you have any suggestions, submission offers, or questions about the Chimera News newsletter, please email the editor, Harlequinn, at: charliequinn(at)

Sept 2011



Scheduled Indoctrinations

Return to The Haunt
 Date:16 Sept 21:00 - 17 Sept 02:00                       
 Venue:The Haunt
702 Willow Ave.
Ithaca, New York
 Info: Link                       

An Afternoon in Rochester
 Date:17 Sept 15:00 - 16:00                       
 Venue:Record Archive
Rochester, New York                      
 Info: Link                       

Vertex Club of Rochester
 Date:17 Sept 22:30 - 18 Sept 00:30                        
 Venue:Vertex Club of Rochester
169 North Chestnut Street
Rochester, New York
 Info: Link                        

Mark Twain House
 Date:01 October 20:00 - 22:00                        
 Venue:Mark Twain House
351 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT
 Info: Link                        
Transmissions from
     The Shadow Court

Words from Psyche Chimère, The Shadow Queen
  • First batch of Psyche Corporation jewelry has completely sold out
  • Finished filming for the music video for Oh, and the kickstarter for it was a success.
    • Since there was a $100+ donation, here's footage of Gen on a date with an inanimate object
    • Prizes for Kickstarter donations are still going out. Please bare with us. If you're from Toronto, and willing to wait a little extra longer, Gen will bring your stuff the next time she's up there for a show (please let us know if you do)
  • Current full line-up for Psyche Corp. now includes Mike Lunapiena on cello and Paul Hoppe on guitar
  • Steampunk, What is it? aka Can. Of. Worms.
  • The shows at Anachronism III went spectacular with mike and Paul on cello and guitar! And I got me a used vocal pedal! And saw people I ♥ !
    • An article from JapanCulture NYC about Anachronism III
    • Re-Imagined Reality interviews Gen about Anachronism III
    • From an email Gen sent: "Anachronism is an inclusive, friendly steampunk event at Webster Hall that we put up about 3 times a year. We're going to do our 4th iteration in December 2011 I believe, as it'll be a nice thing to look forward to after Harold Camping's apocalypse in October. "
  • Psyche Corp. gets mentioned on CourtesanMacabre
  • photos of Gen modeling designs by Kristin Costa within the Sept 2011 issue ofCulture Asylum magazine!
  • A selection of Psyche Corp. songs have been posted on Bandcamp. Feel free to embed them and share it to the world
  • Psyche Corp. are looking for some interns (aka minions to do free work)
  • Psyche Corp will be doing a mini-tour in Rochester, NY on September 16th to 18th
  • Mike from Canaan Institute talks Psyche Corp. and their mini-tour in September
  • Thank you Jonathan!!

A message from Harlequinn, Editor of The Chimera

Thank you for taking the time to read the first official monthly newsletter from Psyche Corporation. Honestly, this is my first time doing anything near a proper publication, or even using HTML coding in an email (if you didn't understand that, just smile and nod). I welcome any criticism and feedback on what people think of it, so please do email me here: with The Chimera Newsletter as the subject line.



Photo by Robert Szatmari.
Copyright R. Szatmari 2011.

This is the sandwich represents the song "Antoinette". Best explained by Gen here

New Psyche Corp. merch by K.M. Kotulak! Brooches, pendants, rings, pins, and necklace


Mike Lunapiena on cello

Paul Hoppe on guitar
The current band line-up of Psyche Corp., taken at Anachronism III
Photos taken by BabetteKD aka Babs Who Takes Pictures aka Babette Daniels
Full gallery here

by Alon Levy

This story takes place in the 24th century, just prior to the events of the NeoLuddite Wars (and hence prior to the Angelic Commonwealth and the dominion of the Shadow Court). It is set in the towns of Meinaii and Star Circlet, both of which are official towns in the world of Psyche Corporation, and even the story itself is canon to the world of Psyche Corporation.

Details of the timeline for the world of Psyche Corporation can be  found here

Continue to the story

A fan made AMV for the song "Medicine Man", with scenes from the anime "Yami no Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)"
Direct link here                    

If you have any suggestions, submissions or questions about this newsletter,
please email the editor, Harlequinn, at:            

Chimera News Oct 2011

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Psyche Corporation LARP Forming!!!

Per Posting on the Discussion Forum here - See Psyche corporation Links List:


Part of Her Design LARP
« on: Today at 03:12:15 am »
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Not quite cosplay, though some of the characters are angelbots and some players take LARP costuming very seriously. See for casting questions. It's in a month, in Boston.

If you live near New York and can't make it to Boston, let me know anyway, because there could be a New York run in June. No promises, though.

This game takes place during the late Angelic Commonwealth era. For those not familiar with the story, see Part of Her Design the song describes one possible, unpleasant outcome of the events. Maybe you're not a fan of homicide, patricide, genocide, fratricide, and suicide, and would like to see things turn out differently?

The Shadow Court
Offiical Shadow Court Moderator
Re: Part of Her Design LARP
« Reply #1 on: Today at 06:04:29 am »
QuoteModifyRemoveSplit Topic
Thank you so much for putting this together!  Gen said she really wants to play, but probably can't due to the timing.  Later though, I'm sure she would like to join, as would I, but I don't get out your way that often.  When you get the bugs worked out, and we get a better fan base in the south, I would like to discuss introducing your game down in Texas, giving you credit for it of course, and directing questions back to the creator.   Drop me a line sometime at

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Psyche Corp. LARP

Per Psyche Corporation Official Transmissions from the Shadow Queen:

Alon Levy is running a Psyche Corp. LARP to occur sometime before this June. Message him at if interested in playing. This to take place either in Boston or NYC area depending on interest. Maybe both areas if enough response!
Psyche Corporation Note: He sent me the summary sheet/intro notes for the LARP last night and it's excellent. Also fairly accurate as he and I have chatted pretty extensively about the Psyche Corp. universe and this LARP especially. I wish I could be there personally, but I have a big test at the end of May I have to study for -_-;;

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travelin' Fast and Light, but Goin' to the Fair!

So why am I reposting articles about this particular event again?  Because I'm going and you should too, assuming you can of course.  I just couldn't stand waiting another 7 months to see a live performance of Psyche Corporation (scheduled to appear in Fort Worth, Texas at the  Difference Engine New Year's Ball), so I finally dug up the change, quite a bit actually, to buy a plane ticket and will sleep in the mud and feed on wild roots if I have to, but I'm going none the less.  Actually, as co-producer I will be rather focused on assisting and promoting Psyche Corporation and doing Band manager type things, but I may yet find myself sleeping in the mud and feeding on wild berries and roots just the same! (without even the aid of a properly pulled pint of Guinness to make it a more pleasant experience...more's the pity!)  Get on yer horse, yer mule, yer donkey, yer Airship, yer steam powered Gypsy wagon, or whatever sort of strange contraption you use these days for transportation and meet us all at:

The Steampunk World’s Fair:  The world’s largest, friendliest Steampunk Event!

The World's Largest Steampunk Event
  …the most festive Steampunk festival, the largest steampunk convention or steampunk weekend or, in general, the largest “steampunk event” anywhere…that would be us!   Thank you so much for coming by!
Wait a minute… this abode of madpersons, this strange and unorthodox castle of capers and cracked cobbers…this is Steampunk’s largest gathering?
Yes!  We, the event run by the slightly mad, for the slightly mad, are proudly the largest Steampunk event anywhere, as well as one of the friendliest and the most inviting to all.
Is that a coincidence?  We think not!  There are friendly Steampunk events, and there are events where you have to look “just right” or you won’t fit in.  We will ALWAYS be friendly, and we don’t care how you look, what you wear, or what you do, as long as you have fun with it!  ”We’re all mad here”.  Some of us just wear more gears…seriously, we believe that creating an eclectic, outside-of-everyday world is at the heart of Steampunk.  And doubly seriously…we don’t take ourselves too seriously!
But we do have some things which we feel are seriously wonderful.  For example…
We feature the United States debut of Steampunk performers from France andJapan!  spectacular  Absinthe Tasting, if you enjoy, or are curious about, that famed Neo-Victorian distillation!   We have a huge and growing list of performers & pleasures (largest in the steampunk event world!).   We even have a special buffet dinner & high tea, right here!
Do Steampunk shows make you grow giant mustaches?  ..possibly!
Photo courtesy of the Idle Hands blog - many thanks!
We welcome one and all, Steampunk experts or total Steampunk novices, the expert and the curious – it matters not, come in and have a wonderful time!  Feel free to look around our website, feel free to get in touch with us, and, if you’d like, find us over on Facebook, too, and meet other people who are interested in the World’s Fair.
Come in!  Come in!  Come in!
For the World’s Fair homepage, click here.  If you’re new to Steampunk and want newbie Steampunk help, visit our New To Steampunk section.