Yes, "The Shadow Court", from the future dystopian world of the Psyche Corporation is now real and has come into this plane of reality from the dream world of Psyche Chimere, the first Shadow Queen of Psyche Corporation. In her own immortal words:

"You’re correct in choosing this place

To petition for divine grace

You've always wanted too much

I can give you what you seek

But I’m no kindly sort of Queen, and

I demand to know what you would sacrifice to me?

Sacrifice to me!"

OK. Soooo what does that mean exactly? Well don't expect to be asked for a credit card number here. Instead, to become a member of the Shadow Court of Psyche Corporation you have give us something a bit more personal. Now don't run off so fast. It won't cost any fingers or toes, not generally anyway. A poem, a bit of fan fiction, a sketch of angelbots, a photo of yourself cosplaying a creature from the Psyche Corporation World. What is even more important is that you spread the word about Psyche Corporation' s wonderful music, fascinatingly bizarre lyrics, helping advertise "Scheduled Indoctrinations" (aka concerts and performance) and directly contribute to spreading the Empire of the Shadow Queen throughout this time-space continuum through internet traffic, awakening of the populace through physical medium such as flyers and sidewalk chalk messages, and especially through direct word of mouth communications!

For more information on joining this International Fan Club and levels of membership (which really do increase your access to staff, dancers, and band members) check out the static page post in the right margin labeled Shadow Court Nobles, Knights, and Gentry

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Wild Wonderful Wicked Woods

And finally, Psyche Corp. does indeed expect to perform at The Wild Wonderful Wicked Woods for the weekend of June 9th.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Lee Lee The Wonder Girl"

David M. Sitbon shared a link.
February 21
"Lee Lee The Wonder Girl" performed by Psyche Corporation at Wicked Faire 2012...
Lee Lee The Wonder Girl
Psyche Corporation performing at Wicked Faire 2012.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Psyche Corporation Geekdom at It's Best!


The music of Psyche Corp. is based loosely off a dystopian period in the future where civilization is ruled by a shadowy dream manufacture corporation that exerts subliminal control through dreams sent through neural implants. Technological advancement has reached the point where fashions no longer have to be 'practical' in the sense we think about in the 21st century, so you can have surreal neoVictorian outfits like what you see in the background of the band's website:

The upcoming album (which will include the song in this music video) also features a mini series of songs based on codes and patterns such as the Fibonacci sequence, Morse code, bar code (2 of 5 interleaved) spelling out phone numbers spelling out words, poliovirus DNA-translated-into-percussion, and other codes/puzzles embedded within the song structure. We're unabashedly geeky here at Psyche Corp.

Poliovirus song (it's a 'dialogue' between a woman dying of polio and her illness):

Soon appearing at:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shadow Queen Discusses Psyche Corporation's Future

I recently explored further into the recent past and future of Psyche Corporation with their resident Evil Genius Inventor Type, with a voice- (among other things, *evil grin inserted here*)  to die for -  Psyche Chimere!

I asked directly about the great variety of musicians and dancers she performs with in various videos.  She tells me that her favorite dancers live in Ithaca, New York, so they always perform with her at “The Haunt” and at whatever other events can afford their transportation costs, but that she often permits local dancers, who are able and willing to contribute interpretive dance to the act, to perform with her in order to make her performances a more participative and entertaining event.

As for musicians, she has regulars that perform on guitar and cello, with occasional addition of other instruments, but she travels with those that are able to make the event and uses backup recordings of each for any that are unable to attend.  Percussion and backup vocals apparently she does herself prior to the show, but Psyche Corporation experiments with a variety of approaches to music, so nothing is set in stone.  I then asked about past, present, and immediate future performances planned.  Here's what she gave us:

2011-Last year is the first year I really expanded into more conventions outside of the Wicked Events circuit (they do conventions, [such as Steampunk World's Fair, Wicked Faire, Geeky Kink Event] and that's how I started in conventions).  This has gone well, and I tend to get more fans whenever I perform at a new convention or hosting event because then I reach people who haven't heard of me before but who are likely to enjoy my music, since I go to conventions where much of my target demographic goes.  I've just noticed over time that the people who like my music are Steampunk, Goth, intellectual, geeky and/or have a thing for Tori Amos or Kate Bush.

Future - 2012- This year I am returning to the same conventions from 2011 more or less, while tentatively doing a few new ones in other states if they're able to cover transportation.
I try not to cut back on performing unless it is done to focus on something else that helps the music. In this case, I am dedicating that time to working on the 4th album primarily for this year while maintaining a  'holding pattern' on the conventions I'm doing. I do all the conventions that are locally convenient and large, plus some faraway ones that have travel stipends, and don't actively look for [any extra] bookings this year.

I would like to take this year to push online promotions, perhaps through youtube webisodes, or drawings, or setting up LARPs for others to play in my “angelbot” universe, doing photo-shoots with local photographers once the weather gets warmer up here, and possibly putting together an extremely simple but high production value music video for another song.  Since I take such care to craft my songs, it may be quicker to generate material for consumption via skits and storylines and puppet shows done in the Psyche Corp. universe.  These are things that, in theory, anyone could do, but which are hard for me to spend a lot of time on when I have the music and school and drawings, photoshoots, and/or music-videos to do.

Thank you Psyche Chimere   We look forward to your upcoming events and the release of your fourth Album which is much anticipated by your fans!!!

More information on The Steampunk World’s Fair can be found at

Friday, May 18, 2012

Macabre Faire in Photos

Psyche Corporation shared Dee Levine's photo.

Radha BloodRose, David M. Sitbon and 5 others like this.
Ramon Leon Del Mar Love the outfit and the facepaint! I always really enjoy your stranger side. Feeling up to Chinese Opera makeup for Steampunk World's Fair? I can manage it or something more gear driven if you prefer!

Psyche Corporation hehe, I usually just see how I feel the day of. It gives me something extra fun to look forward to on that day :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Steampunk World's Fair Show Times!!!

Psyche Chimere of Psyche Corporation

Join us at the Steampunk World's Fair. Scheduled Indoctrinations ... er uh ... I mean the performances will be at the Radisson Main Stage on Saturday at 12:45 pm and again on Sunday at 1:05 pm!

Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar will be putting in a Guest Cosplay Performance at the VIP Meet and Greet as himself, a Steampunk Time Traveling Pirate telling tall tales, but in a rather "Undead" format this time. He is, after all, going in to run security screening of the area in advance of a Royal Appearance of the Shadow Queen herself, for whom he now works as Chief of Security, among other things, and there are nasty rumors about a legion of undead wandering through the Fair or some such thing. As such, he didn't think he needed to hide the fangs, so to speak, on this trip.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Shadow Queen Grants an Interview!

This Interview has been re-posted here in it's entirety with permission from

Here at The Art of Steampunk (aka S.S. Kali's Hourglass), we try hard to ally with others that want to share good fun and creative art in all it's forms.  We also tend to really like art that leans toward sci-fi or what the Lotus Comic staff define as "Nerdy" vs "Geeky" .  Along that line, I would like to bring your attention to a singer, storyteller, comedian, and drop dead gorgeous performer that does cyberpunk/darkwave type performances with one of the finest voices in the industry, yet using such bizarre items as a percussion track based on the DNA sequence of the polio virus.  I think you will like her.

Psyche Chimere
Psyche Chimere (also called the "Shadow Queen") of "Psyche Corporation" is the lead singer and much of the creative genius behind the group's work, although she would be quick to point out that it would have been impossible without the help of her dancers, musicians, videographers, sound engineers, and fans.

(and yes the E in psyche is pronounced as it refers to the Greek Goddess of the soul or spirit and wife of the God of love - Eros)  

Her entire artistic musical vision is backed by a very complex and wonderfully fascinating dystopian fictional world where dreams (that allow you to fully experience any fantasy you wish) are designed, bought, and sold.  The brightest and most promising of dream designers at one dream manufacture group (that is, at Psyche Corp.) eventually hacks the program and takes over the minds of some of their most powerful clients, subliminally, in order to get herself put into power as the Shadow Queen, ruler of the world.  Thus begins the reign of the Shadow Court, made up of the executive board of Psyche Corporation, which lasts for centuries, led by various CEOs known as Shadow Kings and Queens.  Centuries after the first "Shadow Queen", a new Shadow Queen arises who is so feared by the rest of the Shadow Court that the executive board plots to overthrow her.  Their super advanced technology and bio-engineering makes it essentially impossible to kill her, or at least stop her from simply reassembling herself afterwards, so they find a way to send her back in time and strand her in a time and place where the technology is too backward to build a time machine to return.  Of course, that's where the Steampunk angle sometimes comes into play.    

Here is our first real interview with her:

Psyche Chimere

1)  So tell us Psyche, what is your own musical background?

I studied opera for 6 months at age 13, and again for 6 months at age 17.  I also studied piano from the age of 5 to 6.
[editor's note: She also said in an earlier interview in Filligri Magazine (Nov 2011) that at six years of age, when her parents finally stopped requiring her to keep up such an extreme pace of learning new piano recital pieces for local community events, she started playing only what she liked and experimenting with music.  Eventually she began composing her own music by the age of 12.]

My skills at computer music production were self taught.

2) Who are your dancers, and what types of styles have they studied?

The two dancers that most often perform with me are Arydaea who studied belly dance and Akiri who studied ballet.
[editor's note:  She also has other costumed and choreographed dancers already in place with the Texas Street Team for shows in and around Texas, and accepts offers from local dancers who are willing to add interpretive dance to performances if the event is unable to afford transportation costs for her regular dancers, thus the assortment of dancers on some videos.]

3) Do you use the same musicians most of the time, and if so, what are their names, instruments, and backgrounds?
Usually it varies.  It used to be Exit on live guitar, then it was Paul Hoppe on live guitar, now we are looking for another guitarist.  Recently acquired Mike Lunapiena on cello for the live show. They've all played in other bands.  Exit in 99cent Special, Paul also plays in Villain's Lament, Mike does a solo act called the Wandering Cellist and plays for Music Under NY.
[editor's note:  I think they are considering taking on a drummer, drum set, middle Eastern, African, still in discussion actually, but this is art baby!...They aren't rolling in money, so it will have to be someone that loves what they do more than with big dollar signs in their eyes, and they still have to be able to do it well.]

4)  What do you consider to be your biggest influences in both music and the lovely dark fiction woven throughout your lyrics?

Within Temptation, Poe, Elisa, Kidneythieves, MSI, Loreena McKennitt, Squonk Opera.  Don't think I sound like them though.

Dark fiction um..  Maybe Asimov, Bruce Sterling, some book I read in middle school whose title I forgot but which was about telomerase injections, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but really it's probably things from dreams I've had.

5) Who did your video and sound mixing on the various videos and how did you convince them to work for such beautiful, but mostly unfunded, projects?

Seriah Azkath did the camera work, and he and I worked together on sound and everything else for the first two videos, with acting help from local friends who played characters and extras.     I wrote up all the screen plays.  The 3rd video was directed and filmed by Brandon Herman.  I did everything else except for playing the parts of the extras and other actors which we gathered from local steampunk people and friends.  Some people are just willing to help out a friend, as in the first two videos, and in the 3rd video, I think it was still mostly friends and friends of friends helping out, but some people may have joined because it seemed exciting.

Sharkbanana in a glamour shot
6) What do you, your obese unicorn, and Sharkbanana get up to in your almost non-existent spare time?

We have tea parties with the Queen of Helicopter Graveyards.  Very solemn and mechanically unpropelled occasions.  

 7) Are you planning on trying to return to the future any time soon, or would you prefer to stay a while longer and screw over "The Corporation" in this time line?

I cannot return to the future until time machines get invented ['again'], so I have to stick around til then at least..  It'll be a while before the Corporation  arises, but I would like to keep an eye on technological processes relevant to the Corporation so that all things are in place when the time comes, so to speak.  It would be fairly embarrassing to try to devise a nightmare when you're missing a key electroencephalotransmogrifier or something.  You might just get mustard greens instead.  Who wants mustard greens when you're expecting Freddy Kreuger, right?

I quite agree!  Mustard greens wouldn't make for a very interesting nightmare I'm afraid.   You, on the other hand, dearest Shadow Queen, Psyche Chimere,  you are quite a dream yourself!  Many kinds of dream on many levels, and all of them wonderful, except for the terrifying ones of course.  Thank you so much for sharing this with me today...and for not turning me into mustard greens or anything...I do hope you will permit an audience again at some point in the future. 

As for you more gentle and funny alter ego ... Stay strange, we love you that way!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders

Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders is easily one of the most interesting blogger contributions to our steampunk community. On their blog they recently published an article about one of my favorite Steampunk/CyberpunkDarkwave Bands Psyche corporation. Take a look:

Article about new video by Psyche Corp

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Issue of Chimera News Out!

It appears that our beloved General Harlequinn has produced another issue of the Chimera News and the following link should take you to the most current issue every time!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Message From the Shadow Queen

I am so grateful for all the wonderful people I've met either directly or indirectly as a result of working on Psyche Corp. I realize this is kind of broad, though I had a chance at SPWF to personally thank some of you, I want you to know that encountering and interacting with you all in the course of this musical journey has been possibly the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Psyche Corp. at The Steampunk World's Fair

photo courtesy of Steampunk World's Fair

Contact: Jeff Mach
Tel:             201-724-7687      

Friends Don’t Let Friends Steampunk Alone

Steampunk World’s Fair, May 18th - 20th, amasses 3000 guests in camaraderie and steampunk celebration

This May, the Steampunk World’s Fair will hit Piscataway, New Jersey with a bustling three days of the largest steampunk festival this planet has ever seen. Says Jeff Mach, creator of the event, "We wish to create unbelievable and unforgettable pleasure, camaraderie, friendship, and joy for each and every single person who walks into our event." The steampunk-loving community, whose members flock to the annual fair from across the nation, appreciates such a mission. Their appreciation has made the Steampunk World’s Fair the largest steampunk festival in the nation; the 2011 festival garnered about 3000 guests.

Steampunk is a genre dealing with what the movement’s seminal author, K.W. Jeter, called "mad Victorian fantasy". It is three cups of Victorian-era style with a tablespoon of science fiction. Since its birth, steampunk has spread from a literary sub-genre to infiltrate film and fashion around the world, garnering a large gathering of devoted fans. But the World’s Fair is not solely reserved for the loudest fans; anyone with the least bit of interest in anything steampunk are invited to snap on a pair of aviator goggles and join the masses. The event has seen guests of all ages, from senior citizens, to toddlers. The atmosphere of acceptance and full-blown entertainment at the World’s Fair makes it the ultimate introduction to the genre. Festivals of the past have featured everything from Why Not Cake, an imaginative company of gourmet cake artists; to visits from award-winning author Leanna Renee Hieber.
Whether you’re a first-time steampunk, or you already have your corset and combat boots on, the Steampunk World’s Fair welcomes you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in a mystical world populated with potential friends and good old-fashioned entertainment.

The creators of Steampunk World’s Fair are also notable for their annual

Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire and Geeky Kink Event.

Photo Gallery from Steampunk Worlds Fair 2011

More information on The Steampunk World’s Fair can be found at