Yes, "The Shadow Court", from the future dystopian world of the Psyche Corporation is now real and has come into this plane of reality from the dream world of Psyche Chimere, the first Shadow Queen of Psyche Corporation. In her own immortal words:

"You’re correct in choosing this place

To petition for divine grace

You've always wanted too much

I can give you what you seek

But I’m no kindly sort of Queen, and

I demand to know what you would sacrifice to me?

Sacrifice to me!"

OK. Soooo what does that mean exactly? Well don't expect to be asked for a credit card number here. Instead, to become a member of the Shadow Court of Psyche Corporation you have give us something a bit more personal. Now don't run off so fast. It won't cost any fingers or toes, not generally anyway. A poem, a bit of fan fiction, a sketch of angelbots, a photo of yourself cosplaying a creature from the Psyche Corporation World. What is even more important is that you spread the word about Psyche Corporation' s wonderful music, fascinatingly bizarre lyrics, helping advertise "Scheduled Indoctrinations" (aka concerts and performance) and directly contribute to spreading the Empire of the Shadow Queen throughout this time-space continuum through internet traffic, awakening of the populace through physical medium such as flyers and sidewalk chalk messages, and especially through direct word of mouth communications!

For more information on joining this International Fan Club and levels of membership (which really do increase your access to staff, dancers, and band members) check out the static page post in the right margin labeled Shadow Court Nobles, Knights, and Gentry

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anachronism IV: Steampunk Dinosaurs Photos

photos by Babette Daniels of Babs Who Takes Pictures unless otherwise specified. Gen's dress and jewelry by K. M. Kotulak, Dimetrodon bilateral sails/fins by Kristin Costa. — at Webster Hall Club @ Manhattan, NYC.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Psyche Corp. LARP News

From the Shadow Queen:

In other news, I am told one of the guys playing in the Psyche Corp. LARP who was cast as the gender-less angelbot prototype character from the Angelic Commonwealth was awesome enough to shave his arms and legs to accentuate his gender less robotness. I love you dude.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Articles Showing Extreme Styles Suitable For Psyche Corp LARPS

If you know the fictional back story for Psyche Corporation, you will know that the Angelbot era (think battle hardened winged cyborg rulers & police) and especially the even more decadent era that followed their downfall, included a culture with such overwhelming levels of technology and power available that clothing styles became rather extreme.  In other words, if you want your dress to include a dolphin tank with live specimens swimming around you. the designers would make it happen.  A few transparent glass-steel panels here, and a few anti-grav units there and voila, a moving ocean aquarium that showed as much or as little details of the wearer's anatomy as desired, behind the fish of course.   Well, you won't find anything quite that extreme at this Goth festival in Germany, or the Romantic Vampyre type party the article is about, but the clothing styles and costuming are so outlandish and beautiful that I thought it would inspire costumers and LARPers to just take a look at what they brought forward!  You may get a few good ideas from these people's incredible designs that will help you design your own LARP attire.

A hearty thanks goes out to La Carmina, for this one!

For more extreme styles that might be interesting for Psyche Corporation LARPs here is another festival I find totally fascinating in terms of costuming alone!

Labrynth of Jared

Myth Masked Ball

For the Psyche corporation Larps, keep in mind that most people of the era were not  Angelbots, or more precisely, retired/mercenary Angelbots (since the war pretty much ended their reign depending on your timeline) but even angelbots, ar enow permitted to wear as elaborate or bizarre attire as they wish, and can even have their functional wings made retractable now that laws against such things have been repealed.  By the same token, elaborately dressed citizens can have functional or decorative wings attached to their anatomy in any fashion or combinations desired.

On the other hand, if you want to come as one the classic Angelbots, themselves...
For the Cannon - "Official" word on Angelbot lineages, see the following:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

One Eyed Doll Making a Difference

Kimberly Freeman with one of her youngest fans!
(courtesy of the One Eyed Doll Website-photographer in upper left corner)

Some may question why I am so quick to include (or some might say abduct even) my favorite "Queen of Weird" and excellent musical comedic performer, Kimberly Freeman and her long suffering and ever supportive man Junior into the madness of the Steampunk Community, but as a "hard core Steampunk Lifestyler", I look constantly for ways to both rebel against the status quo and make the world a better place in the process.  Kim has me beat this week and then some!  Take a look:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Exit for the Lost Radio Show - Acoustic Psyche Corporation

Psyche Chimère helps DJ this show, but on this particular episode she and Exit provide an Acoustic Performance during the show.  It's about a 5 hour show, and I really their singing falls in there, but Psyche gets really crazy during these shows, so it's always entertaining!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jasper In Spade

Transmissions from
     The Shadow Court
Words from Psyche Chimère, The Shadow Queen

An alt rock side project Psyche Chimere was doing in 2007: Jasper In Spade    She  does do singing on other people's projects from time to time!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

TimeOut NY

Transmissions from
     The Shadow Court
Words from Psyche Chimère, The Shadow Queen

Thanks to John for the heads up! My picture is in TimeOut NY

Friday, June 8, 2012

One Eyed Doll's Kim Honors Her Mentor

Show at The Prophet Bar in Dallas 2012 on tour with Peelander Z

One Eyed Doll is a unique animal in the music scene!  They are one part "Little Orphan Annie", one part "Rob Zombie", one part Thrash Metal, totally unpredictable, and, as the title of one of their songs might indicate, "Beautiful Freaks"!  What you may not know, and I didn't know, is that they,  have a heart of gold and are true professionals when it comes to performing!  Junior is the more serious and sensible type that keeps Kimberly in one piece, physically and emotionally (including occasional medical care after throwing herself into the drums or Junior one too many times), and looks just scary enough to keep the slavering males at bay when Kim is looking the way she did when voted "Hottest Chick in Hard Rock".  So, remember when I said she had a heart of gold and a true professional?  Well take a look at this:   (If that isn't enough, I have another article coming about raising money for a chimpanzee rescue shelter)

One final note:  If you are wondering why this item is posted on the Official Fan Site for Psyche Corporation, the answer is simple:  Kim Freeman and Junior are two of the Shadow Queen's favorite performers, and the more I observe and get to know them, the more I understand why.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Part of Her Design" Live at SPWF 2012

"Part of Her Design" Live at SPWF 2012 which I filmed there on Sunday.  Unfortunately the last part of the performance failed to film due to a dying battery, but I thought you might like to see this anyway.

"Part of Her Design" Live at SPWF 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Psyche Corporation Dancer Arydaea Insanity

Photo from Arydaea Insanity (official)

This is the original and most often presented Psyche Corporation dancer who also appears prominently in her music videos.  Akiri is the second of the Psyche Corp Dancers for the East Coast.  Others have come along since then to fill in when the dancers could not make it to an event (on many you tube videos).

Arydaea is frequently a co-host of the Last Exit For the Lost - Radio Show.  She continues to work as a dancer and model in a variety of performance areas.

Photo Shoot by Seriah Azkath showing Arydaea and Akiri in action.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Dave and Joe Show (with appearance by Psyche Corp)

Latest The Dave and Joe Show! 3+ hours of live music, music videos, interviews, radio show snippets, craziness & more! Includes some video Yours Truly is dancing in- Psyche Corporation, Zadoc...& the Nightmare, and Pandora's Toybox). Check it out! :D

The Dave and Joe Show - Volume 6

The bands featured on Volume 6 of The Dave and Joe Show are; Just a Memory, Drophead, Dream into Dust, Ana Kefr, Of Wrath and Ruin, The Lobster Quadrille, Circus of Dead Squirrels, Borderline Suicide, Sorrow of Batavia, Ire Clad, Worm Quartet, Jonestown,...