Yes, "The Shadow Court", from the future dystopian world of the Psyche Corporation is now real and has come into this plane of reality from the dream world of Psyche Chimere, the first Shadow Queen of Psyche Corporation. In her own immortal words:

"You’re correct in choosing this place

To petition for divine grace

You've always wanted too much

I can give you what you seek

But I’m no kindly sort of Queen, and

I demand to know what you would sacrifice to me?

Sacrifice to me!"

OK. Soooo what does that mean exactly? Well don't expect to be asked for a credit card number here. Instead, to become a member of the Shadow Court of Psyche Corporation you have give us something a bit more personal. Now don't run off so fast. It won't cost any fingers or toes, not generally anyway. A poem, a bit of fan fiction, a sketch of angelbots, a photo of yourself cosplaying a creature from the Psyche Corporation World. What is even more important is that you spread the word about Psyche Corporation' s wonderful music, fascinatingly bizarre lyrics, helping advertise "Scheduled Indoctrinations" (aka concerts and performance) and directly contribute to spreading the Empire of the Shadow Queen throughout this time-space continuum through internet traffic, awakening of the populace through physical medium such as flyers and sidewalk chalk messages, and especially through direct word of mouth communications!

For more information on joining this International Fan Club and levels of membership (which really do increase your access to staff, dancers, and band members) check out the static page post in the right margin labeled Shadow Court Nobles, Knights, and Gentry

Shadow Court Nobles, Knights, and Gentry

I will not fail to protect my believers,
Love me or fear me, 
The bottom line is that their mine!

The Shadow Queen

If you read the opening page on this Official Fan Website, then you already know the Shadow Queen asks for personal service rather than cash to become a member of her legions, much less one of her personal minions.  Membership; however, is quite easy to manage as a simple TeenyBorg Legionairy who just have to show up and tell at least one person on the planet they liked what they found here.

Actually, I can probably be persuaded to accept merely a testimonial as to why you like the band Psyche Corporation and want to become a member of their court and retinue. Whatever sort of art, video, fiction, or letter of affection and warm regards toward the Queen and/or any member of her inner court should pretty much serve as a sacrifice suitable to be accepted by this fansite moderator and be able to subsequently call yourself an official member of the Official International Shadow Court.  

Any acceptance would receive an official letter of acceptance from myself and the publication of your offering, as well as any subsequent offerings of music, fan art, fiction, articles, etc. that you wish to contribute which are fully credited to the author/contributor. This is essentially your place to network with and support Psyche Corporation and the Shadow Court. While this is not a list serve, it does have a listing of contact information of those that wish to publish such, and we will consider putting a moderated discussion group together when sufficient interest warrants it.

We do have different levels of minions, er uhmm, nobles eh?  This ranges from TeenyBorgs and Angel Bot Drones to Entry Level Dream Designers and Hypnagogia Engineers to top level royalty in the Shadow Court called Psychetics.  Any of these levels can be attained through simple hard work spreading the word of our plan for world domination through the beauty of the bizarre and the wonder of Psyche Corporation Music, fiction, and performance art.(or alternatively denying it's existence loudly enough to get even more attention).  Below there are other ways listed to achieve levels in this very real royal court of world domination by directly showing your talents at dream weaving and tale spinning as follows:

TeenyBorgs:  (Gentry) Includes anyone with at least enough courage to show up,read our material, including lurkers, and then tell at least one friend that they liked what they saw here.  How will we know they exist to acknowledge them?  If they will at least occasionally hit like or in some way indicate favoring our work, we will be able to locate these friendly lurkers and thank them for lurking well!  This is the Shadow Court after all.  We like lurking shadowy types here!  (Don't laugh at the title TeenyBorg though, the Queen came up with the title "TeenyBorg" and you can only laugh at her jokes if she says you can...well at least when she is listening, and she is always listening!  Unless of course you make her laugh in the process.  Then it's probably OK.  Either that, or she may use you as a "proper anthropomorphic specimen" for experimental cyborg enhancements.  Never a dull life here!)  

Angel Bots:  (Knights) would be members of our ranks with enough nerve to actually identify themselves openly, give a brief introduction to the Forum Board on the introductions page so the Web Moderator (myself) knows they exit in this time-space continuum.  They should also contribute to discussions and occasionally offer small items of interest to the community such as photos of any art, cosplay, poetry, etc. they care to offer that is directly related to the Psyche Corporation Universe.  (These are basic flying security cyborgs, but toughly armed and armored, kept in large numbers in case of sudden Neo-Luddite attacks.  There are special Angel Bots that have more sophisticated abilities and are in the higher ranks.) Recognition via letter of thanks from the Web Moderator/Co-Producer Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar.

The rest of these classes are various levels of Nobles in the Court.  Don't get a big head about it though.  While it does mean somewhat more access to contact with staff and possibly even band members and performers, if you piss of the Queen, you can still hear something like "Off with their head!"

(although in her case, it's more likely you will be honored with a position at the research labs,
as a test subject of course - look on the bright side, just think of all the neat things you can try with all those extra limbs and eyes she likes to install!).

Entry-Level Dream Designers would produce an original work of some kind of art, music, dance, drama, articles about Psyche Corp, discussions regarding the science of Psyche Corp, or fan fiction and offer it to the site as a post.  The moderator will select, but if not quite up to our needs, will never reject a submission, but only suggest minor adjustments to make it , well...more shiny, before post time.   We prefer that submissions be something that we can post without getting booted off of blogspot please, though we may set up an adult only section at some point later if requested. Recognition via letter of thanks from the Web Moderator/Co-Producer Admiral Ramon Leon del Mar plus professional coaching on blogging, creative writing, and other useful dream design topics.

Hypnagogia Engineers:  Dream Designers whose work over time elevates them well above their peers.  It may also include troops that show sufficient enthusiasm spreading the word about Psyche Corporation through any form of medium or direct interaction to awaken the 21st century to our presence.  (Alternatively we have special branch of "Official Psyche Corp Myth Debunkers" who go about very publicly denying we exist and offering conspiracy theories about what this imaginary group is really up to, that people can't help but notice us.)  Recognition via letter of thanks from the Shadow Queen and Fan Site Producer Ramon Leon del Mar.

The Psychetics would include persons directly personally involved in assisting the staging of shows, supporting the band members at events, or even performing in shows as dancers or in some other capacity, but could also include persons leading our armies in the quest for world domination through a variety of means such as simply using sidewalk chalk and/or flyers to awaken enough of the populace of cities to the fact that the Psyche Corporation is real and now exists in this timeline!  Of course we would need documented proof of your progress in such awakenings!  Anyone offering services way beyond the ordinary can expect a much more personal letter of thanks from the Queen herself Psyche Chimere.

Regional Street Teams, Regional Tour Managers, and other staff are often selected from among this most prestigious of classes.  Ideally they should have a proven track record of work supporting tasks similar to the one they want a position providing and with fanatical loyalty to the Queen and her court.  This part is also real, just so you know.  Anyone out there interested in traveling with the Shadow Queen and her court on tour and tending to their needs at shows?  If so, then you now know how to apply.

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